Your Northern Colorado home builders know that putting your home on the market can cause a lot of stress. Day after day and week after week, you have showings that require you to keep your home looking its best and you have the constant worry of having to vacate your house on a moments notice. And you have a dog who barks at everybody going through the home, the whole time!

Well, here are a few tips that just might help you sell your home sooner.

Get a Storage Unit

One of the easiest ways to declutter your home is to send everything to a storage unit. Out of sight, out of mind. Anyone who tours your home is going to check on storage space and notice overstuffed closets, which is a sure sign your home is lacking storage and you are disorganized.

So get rid of some of that stuff and your closets will look roomy and neat.


When you are touring a house, it is really unnerving when you are staring at photos of people you have never met and wedding shots of weddings you have never attended. It is a clear sign that this is indeed somebody else’s home. It makes it really difficult to envision the home being yours. So get rid of all of those personal pictures to give your home a neutral effect. Replace those pictures with artwork or baby pictures, because everybody loves baby pictures.

Light It Up

A dark home is a home that feels depressing, hardly a way to sell your home. Brighten things up by utilizing natural light or adding artificial light. And remember to open curtains and turn on lights before a showing. Of course, the added light will no doubt show dirty spots you missed while cleaning, so you might want to take care of that as well.