Want to get cozy in front of a fireplace this winter? Your Northern Colorado home builders can include a fireplace in your home plans. If you are having a home custom built in Fort Collins, you should seriously consider having a fireplace added, here are just a few reasons why.


There is nothing more romantic than sitting in front of the fireplace with the person you love. Whether you two are sipping wine, watching a movie or indulging in a game of checkers, whatever you do is just that much more dreamy in front of a fireplace. And if you are parents who cannot find a babysitter, put the kids to bed and enjoy an amorous evening in front of the fireplace.fireplace

Cut Energy Costs

As the cost of electricity continues to climb, you will find a traditional or gas fireplace to be an energy saver. As an added bonus, when the electricity goes out during a storm, your fireplace will keep your family warm and cozy.


When the electricity goes out, you can forget about popping popcorn on the electric stove or in the microwave. But with a fireplace, you can cook a four-course meal for the entire family. You can even have smores for dessert.

Looks Great

A fireplace is an asset to any house just due to the fact they make a home look great. The architecture of the hearth and mantel make a spectacular focal point in interior design. And a chimney adds depth the exterior look of any home.