You had your home contractor in Fort Collins, Colorado build you the perfect custom home, you are all set to move in and begin home decorating. While it’s natural to be enthusiastic when it comes to decorating your home, don’t race on ahead full speed, stop and learn about the home decorating mistakes you need to avoid.

Bedroom Color or Bedding; Which Comes First?trend

You have a nearly limitless supply of various colors you can choose to paint your bedrooms, but bedding choices are limited in comparison. If you paint a bedroom before choosing your bedding, you might find it a struggle to find something that matches the walls. It works much better if you choose your bedding first and then pick out the color you want to paint the room.

Don’t Test Paint on Just One Wall

The time of day and the amount of light coming through your windows and light fixtures will change the way a color looks in a room, so brushing a paint sample on one wall just will not suffice. It is best if you get a few sheets of white posterboard, paint them and hang them in different areas of the room. This way, you can see how the color reacts to the changing light and better choose the right color.

Don’t Do Something Because it is Trendy

remodelDon’t just decorate a room based on a magazine article that tells you this is what is “in.” There are trends all the time concerning flooring, colors and furnishings, but what was really cool today will be so out of style tomorrow, just like your cut-off jean shorts and mullet. Choose your furnishings, colors of your walls and flooring based on your individual or family tastes, Make your home a personal signature.

Do Your Furniture Homework

If we had to guess, we believe buyer’s remorse happens more often with furniture than anything else. Before slapping down serious money for furniture, make sure you have properly measured to ensure that couch will fit in the allotted spot. You may also want to bring a picture of the room you’re are furnishing with you for comparison purposes. You want to make sure you are getting something that doesn’t look out of place once it is placed in your home.