First impressions are everything, especially if you are selling your house. According to statistics, over 60 percent of homebuyers will drive by a house after seeing it online. What will they see? The first thing they see is your driveway, front yard and the front of your home’s exterior. This serves as a snapshot of what they can expect in the rest of the home. If they don’t like what they see, they aren’t going to request a showing.

This is why curb appeal matters.

You are having your Fort Collins custom home builder build your dream home, but you need to sell your current home in the meantime. This means you want your home to have great curb appeal. Here are a few tips on how that can be achieved.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

There is no need to dole out a huge amount of cash to have your entire exterior painted when you can make a big difference by just painting the front door, trim and shutters. Most exterior paints will set you back around 30 bucks a gallon and you can complete this project in a day or two easily, probably less.

Pick a bold color that makes your home stand out, just make sure it matches the rest of your home.

Beautify Your Mailbox

Whether you have a mailbox mounted on your house or one on the side of the road, it probably needs a complete makeover. You could clean it off and freshen it up with paint, but if it is too far gone, it might have to be replaced.

This curb appeal project won’t cost you very much money at all and it will only take about an hour or two out of your weekend.

House Numbers That Pop

Like your mailbox, your house numbers are likely old and faded. To spruce up curb appeal, purchase some new numbers, just make sure they match the rest of the house. Simple house numbers are real cheap, maybe a couple of bucks each while customized numbers will cost a lot more.

Plant a Tree

One of the most common and effective ways of adding curb appeal is by planting a tree. But before you rush out to your local nursery to purchase a tree, consider size and space. Also, it might make sense to buy two trees to frame an entryway.

Replace Lighting

As with your mailbox and house numbers, your exterior lighting is probably old and weathered and needs to be replaced. Find good looking light fixtures that have the same mounting system as the current lights and buy lights that will adequately illuminate your entryway and make it look safe.

Flower Boxes

If your home is like most, it is lacking in color. Install a few flower boxes in the front of your home and add colorful flowers, the effect is really amazing. The flowers and potting soil will probably cost more than the actual flower boxes, but this is still an inexpensive project that is easy enough to accomplish.