When you are preparing to have your Northern Colorado home builders build your custom Fort Collins’ home, there are a lot of considerations. For example, you must decide on materials, colors and even the type of windows you want. But there are also other things you want to look into, like the type of thermostat you want to be installed in your new, custom home in Colorado. If you have ever heard about smart thermostats, the ones that are programmable, you might want to learn a little more about them to see if one might be right for you.

What is a Smart Thermostat?

A basic thermostat lets you adjust the temperature of your home in the simplest of ways, by selecting heat or air conditioning and setting the temperature you desire. A programmable thermostat lets you program temperatures throughout the day and night, so you can set your heat to drop to a lower temperature while you are away at work. But a smart thermostat will learn from your behaviors, it will enable you to adjust temperatures remotely and it will show you your energy consumption in real time. A smart thermostat can even adjust itself based on certain conditions, like humidity for example.

A smart thermostat can be programmed to shut off when you leave for work and turn back on just before you get home just in time to make your home nice and cozy again. Many smart thermostats track these changes you make so you can see just how effective your system really is. You can then tweak the programming to ensure you are saving the most money possible in energy costs.

Types of Smart Thermostats

Now, there are two types of smart thermostats; the type that automatically learns your behavior and makes adjustments accordingly or the type that offer internet connectivity so you can manage your system from just about anywhere. This means if you plan on being home earlier than expected, all you do is turn up your heat from your smartphone or other devices. But if you so desire, you can find smart thermostats that offer both features.

When it comes to choosing your smart thermostat, many brands are available. For example, the Ecobee thermostat offers features like internet connectivity and Wi-Wi mobile apps for remote management. The Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostat offers the same features a the Ecobee and can be programmed based on your habits. The Nest thermostat was there from the beginning, being one of the first on the market. It combines a great design with and easy-to-read LCD that provides all the tools necessary to help you lower those energy costs. As a learning thermostat, if someone decides to bake a cake and cranks up the oven, the Nest will adjust accordingly.

Ultimately, these smart thermostats take all the trouble out of having to continually adjust the temperature and climate in your custom home. They basically automate what you used to do when you had a traditional thermostat.