Before moving into your custom home in Fort Collins, you probably have to sell your current house. And if you want to get the most out of your investment, you may want to do a few upgrades, repairs or improvements before placing it on the market. There are upgrades we all like to make that give the home a great look, like buying new furniture, but this is impractical as you already need to buy new furniture for the new home.

If there is anything that needs to be fixed, like a broken dishwasher or leaky roof, take care of that first. Then take a look around and see how you can improve the look and saleability of your home. Here are few ideas to get you started.

Fix the Front Door

The front entrance of your home says a lot to people driving by. You could upgrade by forking out big bucks for a custom door, but even just painting your existing door and adding new hardware and a new doorbell can make a huge difference in appearance. Pair your newly-painted door with a new doormat and a few pots of flowers and you have a whole new entrance waiting to greet people.

Update Lighting

The lighting fixtures in your home are like the jewelry you wear when you dress up, they can add to your look or look dated and dull. If your lighting fixtures deliver the latter, then change them out. So take a look around your home and replace that dated bathroom fixture, replace the gaudy-looking hanging light in the dining room and toss those mismatched night stand lamps in the bedroom and replace them with a matching set.

New Garage Door

For many street-facing houses, the garage door is the nose on the face of your home. Traditionally, a new garage door has ranked very high in returns on investment, reaping around 87 percent at resale.

Refinish the Hardwood Floors

When was the last time you dis anything but sweep and mop your hardwood floors? It’s obvious when a room needs to be painted or appliances need to be upgraded, but it’s more difficult to determine when your hardwood floors need to be refinished. Refinishing your hardwood floors will breathe life into them and once again give them that shine and glow they had when they were first installed.

Minor Bathroom Remodel

On average, it will cost a homeowner just over $10,000 to completely remodel a bathroom. But if you can pipe your kid’s name on a birthday cake, then you can certainly re-caulk a tub. You are also capable of removing dated wall coverings and applying a fresh coat of paint. You should also replace those old shower doors.

Add Crown Molding

Crown molding adds charm and value to your home. Set aside one weekend to finish this project and you will be surprised by how much it adds to the look of your home.

Stair Runner

If you have dull-looking hardwood stairs in your home and don’t want to commit to replacing them, install a stair runner.