Your home may be your castle, but rather than surrounding it with a moat, you might want to think about landscaping ideas that will add beauty. There are many custom homes in Fort Collins, set yours apart from the others through unique landscaping.

From growing shrubs to adding planters and baskets and creating spaces where you and guests can sit and relax, landscaping can be both beautiful and functional. Here are a few landscaping ideas to whet your appetite.

Welcome with Flowers

Flowers are a great way to make your home more inviting. Adorn your front entrance with an assortment of colorful flowers like snapdragons, petunias and roses. Actually, any flowers make for great landscaping.

Marigolds are a popular annual flower because, in addition to looking good, they are relatively easy to care for and attract pollinators.

Like marigolds, geraniums are easy to care for and just as lovely looking. Just keep in mind that geraniums need to be planted in a location that gets a lot of sun.

Mums and pansies are flowers that shine best in the fall. These types of flowers are a favorite because they add so much color long after your summer annuals have died.

Plant Vines

Another way to make the most of your landscape is by planting vines. There is nothing more scenic that deep green tendrils winding their way up columns and around fences. The beauty is even greater if you choose a vine species that has flowers. Flower vines offer blossoms in reds, pinks, purples and whites.

Growing vines in your landscape is a great way to take advantage of vertical space and increase your yard’s overall appeal. They can also be utilized to hide unsightly views, create shade and add privacy.

Spruce Up Your Driveway

Through careful landscaping and choosing the right plants and flowers, you can make your driveway look amazing. All it takes is a few steps and the view of your driveway can look like a gardener’s paradise.

Baskets and Planters

You don’t want to have a one-dimensional custom home in Fort Collins. You add decor to the interior of your home to give your rooms depth and layers, you can do the same to your outdoor spaces.

Add eye-catching, wonderful looking layers to your yard with hanging baskets and elevated planters. It takes minimal effort to create visual interest when you use this strategy. Adding hanging baskets and elevated planters also create a sea of color high to low. It actually gives the impression of a wave of flowers rising and falling throughout your yard.

Blooming Shrubbery

One of the easiest ways to transform your yard from gloom to glam is by planting plenty of shrubs. Shrubs make an incredible impact all across your yard. We suggest the Chinese snowball, which is one of the showiest shrubs you can get. The white flower clusters on this shrub grow 6 to 8 inches in diameter, it is a thrill to behold.

Hide Less than Attractive Outdoor Structures

You love your shed, it is great for storage and serves as an escape location when you need a break from the family. The only problem is that it is not the best-looking structure on your property. So work on hiding it from view.

Climbing vines are a great way to cover these unsightly structures, but you could also create exterior shelves and fill them with beautiful potted flowers. Potted ferns are a great addition to the base of the offending structure as it gives it an earthy accent.

Garden Paradise

Create an oasis in the middle of your garden by constructing inspiring vistas, intersecting trails and a hideaway where people can gather for drinks and stimulating conversation. You garden paradise will include a table and chairs, flower displays and perhaps a bench or a fountain.


An attractive lawn deserves to be seen in the dark, this is where landscape lighting comes into play. Landscape lighting is good for several reasons including showcasing points of interest and illuminating sidewalks and walkways for safety.

Placing lights alongside paths and walkways is common, but don’t feel you have to follow a straight line, break them up to add interest.

Create a Walkway

Instead of trampling through the grass, resulting in a path of dead grass between your porch and fire pit, create a welcoming walkway out of brick or stone. We suggest you use a material that is similar to the color of your home as it will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Use Curved Lines

Edging is often used around flower gardens, home foundations and at times even driveways and sidewalks. Placing the edging in creative curves as opposed to straight lines adds character and looks much more appealing. And since edging is permanent, it enhances your landscape all year long.

We hope these ideas serve as inspiration.