There are reports that Kim Kardashian has added a panic room to her Bel Air mansion that is capable of withstanding a 7.0 earthquake and fire. This is in answer to the trauma she suffered when she was robbed at gunpoint in a private Paris residence back in October of last year. Whatever your feelings are concerning Kim Kardashian, her safe-haven room is certainly not unique. In fact, luxury bunkers have become quite popular over the years for those who hope to protect themselves from natural disasters, home invaders or the zombie apocalypse.

Such specialty rooms used to be only for the very elite, the top one percent if you will. But that has changed as builders today are getting requests for everything from home theaters to fitness rooms. And if you have been watching too much of The Walking Dead and feel the need for a panic room or other secure space in your home, your Northern Colorado home builders are more than happy to oblige, without so much as a snarky Kim Kardashian comment or zombie quip.

According to sources who spend their time tracking such information, one of the most popular specialty rooms in the mother-in-law suite that can be used for children who will inevitably move back home after college or their impending divorce. If this doesn’t sound terribly inviting, there are any number of other types of specialty rooms you can have built into your custom Fort Collins home.

Home Theaters

Let’s say you have invested wisely in a big screen television and a really neat sound system; now all you need is an awesome place to set it up. While some people will settle for a love seat and a La-Z-Boy recliner, you want something more, something that will provide comfort and impress your friends. What you need is a home theater room.

Modern home theaters provide luxury seating that gives you that movie theater feel, without the sticky floors and texting teens sitting behind you. Well, you might still have texting teens behind you if you have kids. Many homeowners soundproof their home theater rooms and provide better acoustics to enhance their movie experience.

Home Office

A custom home office is so much more than just a desk, chair and a few books you have never read. Beyond these core items, the biggest factor in a home office is the layout and the lighting. For example, while a room without windows will do rather nicely for a home theater room, an office without a window will feel stuffy. You will also want to liven your home office up with unique lighting, a chandelier perhaps. Something you can stare at while brainstorming ideas for your next custom homes article.

You can finish off your custom home office with stylish window coverings, hardwood floors and a rug that will tie it all together.

Wine Cellar

As adults, we want our own space to relax, unwind and hide from the children. A climate-controlled wine cellar complete with a tasting station and accompanying seating is just what the doctor ordered. These are extremely popular specialty rooms and are used to entertain guests.

Not really into wine? That’s OK, because bourbon rooms are making a big hit right now. Close your eyes and picture a dark, masculine chamber with stone walls and exposed beams with a central seating area surrounded by leather armchairs. Throw in some whiskey casks with spouts and let the fun begin.

Dog Room

Over the years, dogs have risen in both rank and privilege, meaning they are no longer relegated to the backyard and the traditional doghouse. And since most of us consider our four-legged friends family members and even refer to them as “fur babies,” then it totally makes sense that we dedicate an entire room to them.

Some lucky dogs will have a dog room complete with dog furniture (think canine couch), a window seat (because he is always on the clock you know), and a showering station. No doubt he will also want steak for dinner.

Yoga Room

Your yoga room will feature floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a ballet barre (Google it) and subtle recessed lighting. You might want to also include a meditative fountain, just in case you don’t do yoga but still want to pursue enlightenment.