There are several studies that suggest families in the United States spend as little as just thirty minutes together during the course of a typical week. This is a very unfortunate statistic. What’s more unfortunate is the time families do spend together is spent watching television, hardley quality family time. But not to fret, there are ways to bring your family together for quality time. Just think about the hours of fun your family would spend together every week if your custom home included a game room. And who better to achieve this goal than your Northern Colorado home builders.

Here are a few reasons you should consider a game room in your custom home.

There are just far too few ways to get the family together in one room. The pool table or pinball machine in your game room beacons the whole family. While the latest computer game or game console requires everyone to learn new sets of skills, pool or foosball are games anyone can play without having to constantly practice to be any good.

When you were a teen, you went through great lengths to avoid your parents, including hanging out at the local arcade for hours at a time. The simple solution to keeping your kids in the house is by bringing the arcade to your home. A game room is the ideal place your kids can enjoy themselves, while still being under the same roof.

Having a game room in your custom home is also a great way to entertain. Invite friends and neighbors over for a jolly good time playing pool, pinball and foosball. Start having fun today.