There is a large amount of satisfaction and independence when you buy a custom house from your Northern Colorado home builders. When you buy a home, there is no need to concern yourself about landlords, loud neighbors or appliances as old as your great grandmother. Building a custom home is even better because you get to have it built any way you desire. If you want a room designed around your Pokemon collection, by golly, that is what is going to happen. After all, Pikachu and Charmander need their own special place to chill.

There are any number of amenities you can have in your home that will make it a million times cooler. When you start thinking about the specialized rooms, neat gadgets and other upgrades you can have in your new home, you realize the possibilities are endless. If you are wondering what amenities you want in your very own custom home in Fort Collins, here are a few to seriously consider

Laundry Chutes

Tossing your dirty laundry into a basket and lugging it three flights of stairs to the laundry room to have it washed is so 1970s. You can save time and avoid muscle pain and potentially dangerous falls down the stairs by having laundry chutes strategically placed throughout your custom home. Just make sure that if you have kids, you put latches on the doors. Kids will think laundry chutes are the greatest thing since playgrounds.

Mud Room

If you have kids, dogs or a messy spouse who forgets to wipe off his feet after a walk, you will benefit by having a mud room built in your custom home. Have this created space between the back door and the rest of the house filled with towel hangers, shoe storage and a sink with a hand-held sprayer. Anything that comes in from outside can get tossed in the sink and rinsed before mud and other debris is dragged through the rest of the house. Yes, this includes little kids who were playing in the mud.

Outdoor Outlets

Forget about having the need to own three 100 foot power cords to ensure your electric hedge trimmer reaches all of your bushes in the yard. By having multiple outlets all around the outside of your home, you can avoid the tangled mass of extension cords and trip hazard every time you want to spruce up your yard.

Built-In Speakers

You have an awesome sound system and can’t wait to test it out in your new custom home. But the thought of having exposed speaker wires and speakers strung out throughout the house kind of bums you out. Speakers placed on counters, shelves and on the floor are unattractive and take up valuable space. Eliminate this mess of speakers and wires by having built-in speakers in key location throughout your custom home. You want to listen to the Eagles in the master bath, then have built-in speakers installed in the master bathroom. If you want to listen to Adele while sipping an adult beverage on the patio, then have built-in speakers installed on the patio. And if you want to listen to Nickelback in the kitchen while preparing your eggplant and tofu stir-fry, call your psychologist because something is seriously wrong with you.

Warming Drawers and More

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and opulent living requires a kitchen that is magnificent. Commercial-grade kitchens are all the rage and for very good reason. An affluent kitchen will have warming drawers to keep your rolls warm throughout the Thanksgiving Day feast, a kitchen salamander to melt your cheese-topped dishes and a wine cellar because wine cellars make kitchens that much more awesome.


You are very handy with tools and have several projects you would like to accomplish in your lifetime like carving a bench for the mud room, building your own go-cart and constructing a jungle gym for the kids. But there is no way to accomplish any of this on a workbench in the garage. What you need is a huge, and we mean huge, workshop designed with all of the amenities you need to reach your project goals.

Media Center

A high-end media center will contain within its paneled walls amenities like a wet bar, popcorn maker and a catering kitchen. In addition to the comfy seating and high-definition television, your media center will include cameras for video conferencing and a digitally-controlled sound system that takes up more space than your living room sofa.

Spa Bathroom

Your master bathroom will have a massive walk-in shower with head-to-toe jets, floors with radiant heat, a huge soaker tub and, of course, a towel warmer. There are some mornings that you never leave your master bath.

These are just a few of the must-haves for your new custom home in Fort Collins.