There is just so much to consider when having a new custom home built. It might just be a good idea to tour custom homes in Fort Collins to get a better idea of what you want in your home. Like we were saying, there is so much to consider when having your home built, it can be quite overwhelming. We can help. Here are a few things you may wish to consider when having your home built.

Have you ever owned a home and wished there were more electrical outlets? Having a custom home built means you can decide the number of outlets and the locations. Maybe you would like an outlet placed above the fireplace mantel so you can plug in Christmas decorations or one at your kitchen island for convenience.

Living in Colorado, you know how cold it can get in the winter. For this reason, it might make sense to fit your custom home with a heated garage. Just imagine all the home projects you can accomplish in the winter in your heated garage.

Speaking of working on projects, it would also be nice if you could wash your hands without having to leave your garage. A hot water faucet in your garage means your greasy hands are clean before you trek through the living room and kitchen. Your wife will be thrilled.

A mud room is something you should consider when planning your custom home. They are a great place to store those coats and hats and offer a buffer between the muddy and wet outdoors and the pristine condition of your home interior.

For more information concerning your custom home, give us a call.