In addition to building custom homes in Fort Collins, Colorado, we also do remodels and additions. So if your kitchen or any other part of your home is ready to be updated, we can help. But before you  decide just how you want your home remodeled, give it some careful consideration. For example, you might be thinking you want an open floor plan, but here are a few things to consider.plans

There are a lot of nice benefits of having an open floor plan and it is the single most widely embraced home design change that has occurred the last 50 years. But there are also reasons not to opt with an open kitchen floor plan. For example, there is this matter of decorating. You see, when the time comes when you want to change up the look of your kitchen, all the other rooms have to change as well. With an open kitchen plan, you have several rooms but only one personality. When your rooms are separate, they can each have their own decor, their own personality.

If you happen to own an older home, it was not designed with an open floor plan. This means an open floor plan will only conflict with the style of the house.

kitchenKeep in mind that an open floor plan is nothing more than just a fad. Just as your mullet has fallen out of style, so too will the open floor plan. It just might take a little longer; plus, your mullet never looked good, you just thought it did.

So when considering a remodel, carefully consider all of your options.