Families spend a great deal of time each day in the kitchen, and for good reason. The kitchen is the hub of the home, it is the place where the fun is happening. It is also the place to go when hunger strikes. When people gather in the kitchen in order to prep for a meal, any number of kitchen gadgets and appliances are utilized. A plain, common kitchen might only have enough room to support your typical food gadgets, like a blender or a toaster, but a remodeled or custom built kitchen with plenty of room will allow you to house some of the coolest gadgets you could imagine. So think about how much fun and creativity you could enjoy with the following gadgets if you were to have a custom kitchen built by your Northern Colorado home builders.

A soft pretzel maker in of itself is a simply awesome appliance, but when it is also designed to make a cheese dip at the same time, then it is something you just have to own. Not only does it make delicious pretzels and creamy cheese sauce, it comes in a color yellow that will definitely clash with most any type of decor.

We believe it is rather safe to assume that the majority of the human population likes chocolate. And we would further assume that most families would jump at the chance to have a chocolate fondue fountain spewing creamy goodness from atop their kitchen counter.

We were thinking, if you had this mini donut factory, you could dip little donuts in your chocolate fondue fountain.

While you let all that settle in, if you are interested in a custom home with plenty of kitchen space, give us a call.