If you are looking at custom homes in Fort Collins getting ideas for your own style, don’t forget to take a look at the roof. When thinking about how you want your custom home to look, there are a few major elements to keep in mind and one of the most important is the style of roof. Selecting a roof is more difficult that it might seem, as there are so many in which to choose. Just take a look at a few roofs with unique characteristics.

Mansard Roof– The Mansard roof is made up of four slopes, two on either side of the house. The lower of the slopes is steeper and more verticle with an upward slope. This is a French-style roof that allows for added living space or storage on the upper level of the house.

Saltbox– A saltbox roof is a favorite as it just looks so interesting from the exterior. This type of roof is an asymmetrical long pitched roof with a long side and a very short side. This type of roof makes one storied homes look like they have two levels.

Pyramid Roof– Just like the name suggests, this type of roof is shaped like a pyramid. Many time these roofs are built in small areas, so you may have many pyramid portions on a home.

Hip Roof– A hip roof is very similar to a pyramid roof except there is no point at the top. Instead, the four points meet at a ridge or flat spot.

With so many types of roofs to choose from, making a decision could be difficult.