Living in Northern Colorado, we enjoy experiencing all four seasons. This means, however, enduring the rains of the fall and spring and the blizzards that occur in the winter. And whatever happens outside is likely to work its way into your home, whether it be on the boots and shoes of family members or paws of your family dog. It is hard enough keeping a clean home, but this task is even more difficult when the family is tracking mud from one end of the house to the other when wet weather conditions exist. One realistic solution to this problem is in the form of a mud room. If you are considering custom homes in Fort Collins, discovering one with a mud room hold many benefits.

A dedicated mud room acts as a buffer zone between nature and your indoor space. By having your family leave their wet and muddy shoes in the mud room, you will experience less vacuuming, mopping and fuming over having to vacuum and mop so much. Just think how nice it would be if your clean floors stayed clean for longer than just a few hours at a time.

Your home is probably overrun by an assortment of coats, shoes and backpacks. Having a mud room to store these items means you stay a little more organized. It also eliminates dozens of pairs of shoes strung out throughout the house.

In addition to storing shoes and backpacks, mud rooms can be designed to store any number of items. Mud rooms are great for storing the seasonal items you use only a few months out of the year.

If you need help envisioning a custom home with a mud room, give us a call.