The bathroom is truly a woman’s domain. If you want to make your wife a very happy person, having your Northern Colorado home builders remodel your master bathroom is a great start. The bathroom is the place where she can shut herself out from the problems of the real world and give herself some much-needed downtime.

There are plenty of ways in which you can have the perfect bathroom created. Let’s stop for just a moment and take a look at some great bathroom redesign ideas.

Luxury Shower

Any custom bathroom should start with a luxurious shower. When in the bathroom, most people spend the most time in the shower or tub. And as such, your shower should be the most romantic place to visit. Your masterpiece shower should include a long shower bench, hand-held shower rods, built-in shelving, stunning tile and a place for candles.

Rainfall showers are must-haves in custom bathrooms. There are many types and styles from which to choose, but all make you feel like you are standing under a huge waterfall.

Deep Tubs

The perfect bathroom for the woman in your life needs to have a deep soaking tub. If you have a bathroom that lacks the space, try a Japanese tub.

Towel Warmers

What is better than soaking in a deep tub? How about emerging from the tub and wrapping yourself with a prewarmed towel. Nothing is worse than getting out of the tub and into the cold air.

Your remodeled bathroom will feel clean, luxurious and romantic. And she will love you for the effort.