If you find yourself struggling with the decision to buy and existing home or to have one custom built, we can help out. There are many homebuyers in the market for their dream home, one to live out their lives and pass along to their children. Many think a pre-built home is the better financial option, but you will be sacrificing the many amenities and features you desire in a home. Besides, having Northern Colorado home builders build your custom home does not necessarily mean it will be more expensive than an existing home. The price really depends a lot on the features you want to include. Here are some other excellent reasons you need to have your dream home custom built.

When you buy an existing home, you are stuck with features and other factors that you don’t want. Sure, the extra cabinets in the kitchen are nice, but you would prefer a walk-in pantry. And you really don’t know what to do with that little room just off the master bedroom. Having your home custom built means you will definitely utilize all the rooms in your home, all the space is usable space because that is how it was designed. Not to mention you will have that walk-in pantry.

Home architecture has changed drastically over the last decade. Those older floor plans seldom focus on family traffic through the house and many older homes fail to utilize family-oriented spaces. Building your home around “great rooms” allows your kitchen and dining room to come together as one large space designed to enhance contact and interaction.

In the end, we are sure you agree that having your home custom built is the way to go.