You might live in a house that has a small kitchen, leaving you little room to maneuver and lacking storage space for all of the latest cool kitchen gadgets. So a homeowner with a small kitchen might not own a mixer or breadmaker due to lack of space. Small kitchens also lack the space for a kitchen island.

But if you are passionate about cooking, none of this should matter. This is how you might feel, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you have more space in your kitchen, there is so much more you can do. So when that time comes when you have a custom home built, have your Northern Colorado home builders design a big kitchen with an island. Here are a few reasons why.

Save Money

While a big kitchen might cost you more up front, in the long run, it will save you money. You see, when you have enough space and all of the latest cooking gadgets, there is no need to go out to eat when you can create gourmet meals at home.

A big kitchen means you have a mixer, a rice maker, a panini press and a bread maker, which means you hold the ability to create meals worthy of five stars. Sure beats taking the family to Applebee’s and dropping a hundred bucks.

Eat Healthy

Having a big kitchen means that you hold the ability to cook wholesome, tasty and healthy meals. When you eat at a restaurant, whatever you order is loaded with mystery ingredients. Who really knows what is in a portion of Applebee’s cheeseburger egg rolls? Strike that, we really don’t want to know.

With a big kitchen filled with all of those cool cooking gadgets, you are able to make healthy meals that you are proud to serve to your family.

Be Comfortable

Your big kitchen is the perfect place for the family to gather. It is the place where everybody wants to be. Cooking becomes less of a chore and more of a happy occasion where the family comes together and chats about their day’s activities and adventures.

The Kitchen Island

In every large kitchen, there is a potential for a great display, storage and functional tool, more commonly known as the kitchen island. A kitchen island solves many of the problems people have in their kitchen and looks amazing while doing so. Having a kitchen island holds a great number of benefits, here are a few examples.

Additional Storage

A kitchen island provides added storage space for items like your mixer, rice maker, bread maker and panini press. With the option of adding drawers, you have more space to store your mixing spoons, chopsticks, soup ladles and hot dog tongs. Tired of having the recycling bin out in the open and creating an eyesore? You can have your kitchen island custom made to accommodate your recycle bin. Not only does having the recycle bin in your kitchen island make your kitchen look better, it doesn’t interfere with food preparation. That is, you won’t trip over it anymore.

Extra Seating

Your kitchen island can act as an informal dining area when you have company or when you are entertaining. Even a small kitchen island is capable of seating three or four people. Whether your kitchen island seats three or none, it is always a plus if you can seat more people.

Added Amenities

Larger kitchen islands can hold preparation sinks, refrigerator drawers and additional burners, thus making your kitchen even more useful and functional. Heck, you can even add a grill and hood to your kitchen island. Really, the possibilities are endless. By the way, refrigerator drawers built into a kitchen island is really cool. Get it?

Looks Great

Even if your kitchen island is built for utilitarian purposes, it can still look great. There are any number of aesthetic options you can choose with your kitchen island including top surfaces, cabinet styles and finishes. Check out the internet or a home magazine for inspiration.

As you can see, a big kitchen with an island would be a great option when you have your custom home built in Northern Colorado.