Whether you are fresh out of school and are ready for the challenges ahead or heading towards retirement looking forward the golden years of your life, Northern Colorado might be the ideal place to locate. Who are we kidding? Northern Colorado is the ideal place to relocate despite where you happen to be in the span of your life. That is, regardless whether you are young and adventurous, middle-aged and raising kids or nearing the end of your existence here on earth, Northern Colorado is the place to be. So give your Northern Colorado home builders a call so we can get started on your custom home.

If you already live in Northern Colorado, whether you are in Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins or the surrounding cities and towns, you are already aware of just how awesome it is to be here. But for you folks who live in other states, and we do feel sorry for you, here are the reasons Northern Colorado rocks.

Go ahead and search the web for best cities to live in America. We are betting that in almost every list you discover, there will be the presence of a city in Northern Colorado. You see cities like Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and even Windsor on lists of best places to retire, best places to live if you are raising a family and best places to live if you love the outdoors. Really, the lists go on and on and in many of them you will see one of the fine cities right here in Northern Colorado. This is something in which every state cannot stake a claim.

If you take a look at a map, there are four cities in Northern Colorado with substantial populations. Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland and Longmont all have populations over 70,000, which means they are all big enough to support a great selection of restaurants and shopping options and these cities are also located fairly close together. So, if you are shopping around in Loveland for the perfect piece of artwork to display in your family room and come up empty, simply try your luck in Greeley or Fort Collins. At some point, you will discover just what you are looking for. The same goes for your dining experience. If you tire of the choices of Mexican restaurants in Fort Collins, head to Loveland or Greeley where you will have such a variety in which to choose.

When discussing the benefits of living in Colorado, the topic of outdoor activities is always introduced. In addition to the wonderful mountains and the great fishing and skiing, there are also plenty of activities you can engage that are within city limits. Fort Collins and Loveland sport several miles of trails within city limits, and will soon connect these trails so you can travel from Loveland to Fort Collins without having to even cross a street. Pretty impressive.

There are many reasons to relocate to Northern Colorado, but we simply don’t have the time to list them all. If you are interested in relocating to our little corner of paradise, we can help if you are interested in having a custom home built.