There was a time when people would play outside and do most of their cooking indoors. Well, that has changed an awful lot in recent years as people now seem to do much of their cooking outdoors and retire to the indoors for recreation. Enterprising families have custom homes built in Fort Collins with built-in cooking amenities on their patios and decks and honor playtime and recreation with a room of its own. A game room can be a fun place if it is stocked with the essentials. Here are a few must-haves if you are planning to have a game room.

Having a pool table in your gaming room is pretty much a no-brainer. Any well laid out game room will have a point of interest or centerpiece and a pool table is the way to go. There are not many people who don’t enjoy shooting pool and the table can double as a base for ping-pong. And don’t be cheap with your selection, you want a sturdy pool table built to last.

No game room is totally complete without at least one arcade game. Now, older homeowners will likely choose something of nostalgia like a Pacman game or Galaga, but it’s quite alright to choose something a little more modern. Just make sure you have plenty of quarters at your disposal.

Having a bar in your game room is a great idea, even if you choose not to serve alcoholic drinks. The key here is having a place you can keep ice, drinks in a cool place and glasses in which to serve the beverages of your choice. Walking back and forth from the kitchen to the game room is lame.

Of course, we could spend an afternoon giving you ideas on what should be in your game room, but this is at least a good starting point.