At some point in your life, you will imagine what it would be like to have your own dream home built. After such thoughts, it really is rather difficult trying to snap back into reality. Especially if you were thinking about a heated pool and a room dedicated to everything you love to do; a room you call your very own.

In fact, you have been dreaming about a custom home in Fort Collins for many years. You dream about the day you can call your Northern Colorado home builders and tell them to break ground. You have a picture in your mind of what your custom home will look like, down to every little detail. You even know the colors you want painted in every room.

Your dream home will have rooms that impress. But let your imagination run wild for a moment and consider these incredible rooms that need to be in your custom home.

Custom Kitchen

If you are going to have a custom home built, then don’t hold back and go for it. Your kitchen should have lavish light fixtures and gorgeous hardwood floors. It should be as utilitarian as it is luxurious with the inclusion of restaurant-grade appliances. You will also want numerous windows that hold the ability to draw in a great amount of natural light.

Dream Bathroom

It is not a dream home unless you have a bathroom fit for a king. Be ambitious and have that jacuzzi tub installed right in the center of the master bath. Built-in towel warmer? You bet. A dream bathroom requires careful thought and personal touches that enhance.

Big Bedroom

Your dream bedroom should be bright, beautiful and very big. Also, the more lighting options you have installed, the better you can set the mood at any time of the day or night, if you know what we mean. Carpet is comfortable, but hardwood floors are an appealing choice as well, it’s really up to you. You just want to make sure your dream bedroom has the right aesthetic appeal. And the perfect rug that brings it all together.

Walk-In Closet

You can’t call it a dream home unless it has a walk-in closet that can serve as a guest bedroom. Just kidding, but the walk-in closet should be big, huge in fact. You will want to customize it by having a functional center island with a built-in bench and custom shelves all over the place. And don’t forget the washer and dryer, this way you don’t have to haul clothes to a laundry room.


You will want a fabulous basement, something swanky with a full bar and built-in wine cabinet. Think about what would impress your friends most and have it installed in your custom basement. Just make sure you leave space for the pool table and pinball machines.

Go ahead and dream about how you want your custom home to look because through hard work, dedication and perseverance, it will someday become a reality.