So, we are here you are in the market for a new home. We can picture you spending countless hours on Zillow clicking through pictures of houses, you probably even have driven by a few of them just to check them out. And while you are getting a pretty good idea of what is available out there, you still haven’t seen anything that has prompted a call to a real estate agent. Worse still, you can’t seem to get over the fact that most homes on the market have their own histories and have seen numerous tenants over the years.

What you need is a new house.

And not just any new house, mind you, but a custom home in Fort Collins. A custom home will give you a sense of identity. A custom home designed by your inspiration will offer you an emotional, personal experience. In addition, there are several practical reasons to have a home custom built as well as many benefits.

So Many Choices

A custom home allows you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind home. You have the ability to choose from multiple floor plans, designs and styles, fixtures, appliances and more. There is no reason you won’t be totally satisfied with your custom home.

Save Money

That’s right, your custom home will save you money. Free up your monthly budget by choosing energy-saving appliances, insulated windows and a super-efficient HVAC system. Also, your custom home was made especially for you, so there are no rooms that aren’t being used or necessary amenities that you will never use.


Another reason to choose a custom-built home is in the quality of components you will no doubt choose. When you buy an existing home, you are basically stuck with the sub-par flooring in the kitchen and the poorly installed tile in the bathrooms.

A Lasting Legacy

Your custom home is your forever home. When you have a custom home built, it is a foundation for you and your family to grow around.

A Sound Investment

Many of you might feel a custom home is going to be too costly, but you can lay those fears to rest knowing that a custom home is a really good investment. Many existing homes will have hidden problems that can cost a lot of money to fix, plus there is the general wear and tear a home must endure. But your home will endure many of these hardships because it was made with the finest care and quality materials.

Low Maintenance

New cars are computer-designed and equipped and perform much better than cars that are 15 to 20 years old, they even last longer. It is much the same with a new, custom home. Modern homes reflect the way we live right here, right now and they are made of the latest building products that require less maintenance and care, plus they last longer.


State-of-the-art garage door openers, high-efficiency furnaces and paints with fewer volatile compounds are all reasons your family is safer in your custom home.